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Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. I am Faye Edmondson, an artist living in sleepy sunny Somerset, England, with my husband Eddie and golden retriever Abby.I was born and grew up in Hendon, north west London. I spent time at Hornsey Art College which honed my interest in painting. 

My mother was a Devon girl from Exeter, and my father Norwegian, and eventually, over many years, my parents and two sisters and I all eventually found our separate ways back to the West Country (although my brother stayed in the London area).

Faye Edmondson painting in her studio

I worked full-time until about 2004 and was then able to spend much more time on my love of painting.  Somerset provides the perfect inspiration for painting landscapes, farmyards, wildflowers, and cows and sheep, and in recent years we have had holidays in southern Africa, to enjoy and marvel at the beautiful scenery and animals. You will, therefore, find in my portfolio paintings based on the sights of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

The Covid lockdowns have meant there have been no exhibitions to display and sell my paintings; as a result we have run out of wall space, so I have taken to painting miniature portraits from old, sometimes black and white, photographs, and these are proving popular.

i ching

While I really enjoy paintings cows, farmyards, flowers, dogs, and people, I also have a long term project, which is to put into pictures my interpretation of the 5000 year old Chinese philosophical doctrine called the ‘I Ching’ or the ‘Book of Changes’.  The book consists of 64 chapters, each one providing advice to the reader on matters of conduct, emotion and morality.  The I Ching has been a great inspiration for me, allowing me to steer a calm path and to visualize new possibilities for paintings not easily described in words.

An Exhibition of my I Ching paintings can be found here.

I hope you like some of what you can see here. Please do get in touch if you would like to buy or commission a painting.


 exhibition of watercolour paintings By Faye edmondson

 These original paintings are for sale.

*All the original works are mounted, framed in solid wood (mostly oak) and glazed.

Acknowledgements to Gary Pyner Frames in Yeovil

The watercolour painting,'Harland Sonata' by Faye Edmondson
'Through the trees', an idyllic rural scene, painted in watercolours by Faye Edmondson of Somerset
Painting - 'A harrowing time', watercolour by Faye Edmondson
Watercolour painting by Faye Edmondson, 'Down the dale'.
'Dreamer in the field of dreams', by Faye Edmondson. Watercolour on paper.
Field of Dreams, South Petherton - watercolour on paper by Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson
The happy shepherd, a watercolour painting by Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson
Cows, 'Just looking' - a watercolour by Faye Edmondson
Lazy afternoon - a watercolour painting by Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson
Lytes Cary Farm, Somerset - a watercolour painting by Faye Edmondson
Old tractors, young cows - a watercolour by Faye Edmondson, Somerset, UK
Pillbridge Lane, Ilchester - painted in watercolours by Faye Edmondson of Somerset
A painting called, 'Backyard bicycles' by Faye Edmondson, watercolours on paper
'Backstreet running', a watercolour painting by Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson
The watercolour painting by Faye Edmondson of Somerset, 'Wasteland'.
'Lovers lane memories' - a watercolour painting by Faye Edmondson
'Port Quin', by Faye Edmondson - watercolour on paper
A watercolour painting of Lyme Regis by the Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson
'Low tide' by Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson - watercolours on paper
'Etosha Watering Hole' - watercolours on paper, by Faye Edmondson
'Etosha, Namibia', a watercolour painting by Faye Edmondson of Somerset
'Kgalagadi Pride' - a pride of lions painted in watercolour by Somerset artist, Faye Edmondson
'The herd on the move', watercolours on paper, Elephants by Faye Edmondson

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